Doctor's appointment app

Doctor's appointment app

Welcome to the doctor's appointment app!

Improve your patients' experience to access care by building your custom appointment app. 
Patients use our app template to book a doctor's appointment, sign a consent form, and submit their medical history information.
Doctors and nurses can collect and manage patient information and store it securely online.

It is a convenient way to book appointments without calling the clinic or waiting on hold. 

Who is it for?

- Doctors
- Medical institutes
- Patients
- Hospitals & clinics
- Nurses and Healthcare workers

Our doctor's appointment template includes 3 formaloos: 

  • "Your medical history" formaloo is for patients to submit all their medical records. It has a few questions about allergies, previous illnesses, or operations. This form will help doctors have an overview of the patient's health before planning for any treatments.
  • The "Medical consent" formaloo is to protect both the patient and the healthcare provider. The patients should sign it before any treatment.
  • "Request an appointment" is where patients choose a date and time for the appointment at their own convenience.

Edit this template and start customizing it. Add more pages to include reports that you can make admin only. This way you restrict access to these data. 

Features used in this template:

- Signature field
- Form view
- Table view 

Here is a guide to walk you through building this app.

All data is stored securely, with an additional option for HIPAA compliance and a signed Business Associate Agreement (BAA). For more info in this regard, contact us.

This App is Free