Patient Information app

Patient Information app

The patient information app!

Taking care of medical records can be messy and risky sometimes. The key to having safe data is organization. 

Healthcare workers use our patient information app template to organize, save and keep track of patients' information. 

Who is it for?

- Hospitals & clinics 
- Doctors
- Healthcare providers
- Patients

Patient information can include medical data, progress reports, emergency contacts, and medication. With this app nurses or doctors can securely track and manage patient details on any device in an online medical chart and patient tracker. No messy paperwork is required anymore.

All data is stored securely, with an additional option for HIPAA compliance and a signed Business Associate Agreement (BAA). For more info in this regard, contact us.

Our reference template includes different menus with different access levels. 

  • Use the "patient's info" menu to collect your patients' basic information. We included a "New Patient" form to register new patients and an "Emergency Contact" form to register the patient's emergency contact information. Both formaloos have their own table and gallery view to organize all the data and keep track of all the patients. 
  • Use the "Patient's medical" menu to make it easier for doctors and nurses to update and track the progress reports. The " New progress report" formaloo is for doctors to add the patient's progress notes, treatment date, and plan for the next one. It includes the doctors also the doctor's signature. Add tables and charts to save all the medical records in one place and track your patients' health situation.
  • Use the "Healthcare crew" table to have an overview of all your medical staff and their contact information. 

Features used in this template:

- Lookup field
- Signature
- Tables and charts 

The application is highly customizable. Design it with your own branding with a custom domain, add new tables and charts, and create more formaloos as needed. 

Switch this app to your own custom membership-only portal and give access to your staff through a login/signup feature

This App is Free