Passcode protected form

Passcode protected form

Manage access to your forms

Important note: Please never ask for a password in your forms. This template helps you add a passcode to your forms so that only people with the code can submit the form.

The "Passcode protected form" template on Formaloo is a useful tool for ensuring that only authorized individuals can submit information through your forms.

This template includes fields for adding a passcode to your form, which users will need to enter in order to submit the form successfully.

Who is this template for?

This template is ideal for businesses or individuals who want to restrict access to their forms to a specific group of people.

It can be used for a variety of purposes, such as limiting access to sensitive information or controlling who can participate in a survey.

You can also create membership-only portals and add your form there.

Features used in this template

  • Multi-step form
  • logic
  • Section field

Use the logic to redirect users to continue or re-enter the code again.

When you’re ready to publish your form, you can add it to your website as an iframescriptwidget, or chatbot. Or send the form URL directly to users.

Also can get notified and receive an email every time the form gets a new response.

With Formaloo's passcode feature, you can easily set up a passcode for your form and customize it to meet your specific needs.

You can choose the length and complexity of the passcode, and even set up multiple passcodes for different groups of users.

Using the Passcode Protected Form template on Formaloo helps to ensure that only authorized individuals can access and submit information through your forms, providing an extra layer of security for your data.

Try it out today and start controlling access to your forms with ease.

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