Withdrawal form template

Withdrawal form template

Withdraw your application here!

To make the process of withdrawing a student from the institution easier, schools employ standardized documents called school withdrawal forms. The form normally contains important information that the school needs to deal with the withdrawal properly and make sure that all relevant steps are taken.

In our withdrawal template, we included sections for the student's name, ID, date of birth, grade level, and reason for the withdrawal.

Who is it for?

- Schools
- Administrators
- Students
- Parents

You can start with this template and customize it by adding more relevant questions, images, logos, and backgrounds. Use the custom domain feature to match your school's brand. Send custom emails to the form respondents and keep track of all your submissions by getting real-time notifications once the form is submitted. 

To make sure you have all the necessary data to process the withdrawal, we included an admin-only field to add the name of the administrator. 

Make sure that the respondent gives his consent and signs the form by adding a signature field. 

Features used in this template: 

- Admin-only field
- Online Signature
- Single-choice and long text question types 

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