Survey Chatbot

Survey Chatbot

Gather valuable insights with a conversational chatbot

Our chatbot template for customer service is a useful tool for streamlining and enhancing customer assistance sessions. Intelligent chatbots can respond to a variety of customer inquiries and offer quick, specialized service can be created.

The chatbot template offers a natural and interesting experience for customers looking for support. Businesses can offer seamless customer assistance across a variety of channels by integrating it into a variety of platforms, including websites, applications, and messaging services.

Who is it for? 

This template is designed to empower businesses, organizations, and individuals seeking to collect valuable insights, opinions, and feedback from their audience. Whether you're a market researcher, a customer-focused company, an event organizer, an educator, or anyone wanting to make data-driven decisions, this template is your solution.

Features used in this template:

- CSAT field
- Open-ended question
- Chatbot
- Email

You can create immediate reports using Formaloo to track your customers' feedback and satisfaction. Gather all of your data in one place by creating tables, charts, or boards. You can track the clients' satisfaction rate using Kanban boards.

Learn more about how to create advanced charts.

You can use an iframe, script, widget, or chatbot to publish your form on your website.

Here are the best practices to build a conversational chatbot.

Conditional logic allows you to build unique chatbot paths based on website visitors' responses. We may ask extra questions and provide facts or a promotion if a visitor responds "Yes" to one of our queries.

Create multiple success pages for your users. This allows you to customize the messaging and call to action for your target audience. You can redirect them to a thank-you page or offer a promotion. You can redirect them to a landing page or any other page on your website.

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