Student management app

Student management app

Welcome to the student management app!

With this app, you can manage your school's students and the critical information about each.

Who is it for?

Schools and universities: manage their student records, academic progress, attendance, and other relevant information.
Teachers and professors: track their students' performance, grades, and attendance. It can also help them communicate with students and their parents
Students: keep track of their academic progress, assignments, and schedules, and communicate with their teachers.

In the folder of this app, you'll see the following formaloos:

  • A registration form you can share with your students directly or embed in your website so your students can register for the upcoming year. After enrollment is complete, each student automatically receives a tracking code so they can follow up on their registration.
  • The student management app controls all your student databases. This app shows the data of all other formaloos in tables, charts, and galleries. You can always customize the app and add more views or change it as you wish. It includes the following menus and pages:
    • In the Registrations menu, you see the registered students table. It reads its data from the registration form, as the above bullet point explains. Then you see a gallery of students with their photos and info. And finally, there's a charts page to showcase essential charts about the registered students.
    • In the Students' info menu, you will find the students' residence info, emergency contacts, and medical info in separate tables.
  • The Residence info formaloo contains students' residence info. You can always edit its fields and data.
  • The Emergency contact info formaloo has the data of students' emergency contacts. It includes the phone number of two close relatives the school can contact in emergencies.
  • The Medical info formaloo has notes about the medical conditions of students. This formaloo, too, can be edited based on the school's requirements. You can add fields and information needed in this database.

Features used in this template: 

- Charts and tables
- Gallery data views

You can switch your app to a student portal in a few clicks. All you have to do is to enable the portal mode with the login and sign-up feature from your app settings. This way you can not only customize the app design, pages, and menus, but you can also make it as flexible and scalable as you want. 

Here is how you can add the login/sign-up feature to your student management app. 

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