Startup 101 Course

Startup 101 Course

Launch your startup 10x faster!

A Startup 101 app template is a customizable app that offers advice and information to aspiring business owners. The app might have elements like a startup checklist, advice on writing a company plan, legal and regulatory guidance, marketing and sales strategies, and financial planning tools.

The template can be modified to match the specific requirements of the entrepreneur or the business idea, and it can contain tools like videos, podcasts, and articles to aid users in learning about many facets of launching and operating a successful company. 

Who is it for?

- Entrepreneurs
- Startup owners
- Business incubators and accelerators

You can start with this template and customize it to fit your needs. Add more courses that are relevant to your target, and create quizzes and surveys to make it more interactive. 

You can customize the app with your organization's branding, including logo, colors, and fonts, to ensure that the app aligns with your brand identity.

Learn more about how to create a custom web application.

To adapt the app to the unique requirements of your users, you can add or delete features. For instance, you might want to include a section on business networking or collaboration options.

Features used in this template:

- Custom text 
- Section fields
- Redirecting URL

The app includes multiple menus and pages. 

Each menu is representing a separate lesson that also includes a page per chapter. You can add menus and pages easily to your app and include the content you need, such as text, videos, and pictures. 

You can also redirect your users to your website, the upcoming webinar, or any link you think it's useful for them. 

You can also make your assessments more personalized using conditional logic and calculations and add answer sheets so the users can see their scores after submitting the assessment. 

Read this tutorial to learn how you can create quizzes with answer sheets that you can add to your learning app. 

Switch your custom app to a portal in a few steps. Add a simple login/sign-up and give access to your users too. 

Check how you can add the login / sign-up in your app

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