Stakeholder Analysis App

Stakeholder Analysis App

Welcome to the stakeholder analysis template!

Stakeholder analysis is a technique for defining stakeholders and their requirements by categorizing individuals and organizations by their level of power and their interest in your entity.

Who is it for?

- Project managers
- Business owners
- Consultants
- Team leaders

You can use this template to manage and rank any or all of your possible investors, co-founders, board members, etc.

How can I use this template?

The Stakeholder Analysis template is a useful tool for any entity looking to define and manage its stakeholders effectively. Here's how you can use this template:

  1. Create a list of all your stakeholders: Start by listing all the individuals and organizations that are involved in your project, or whose interests may be impacted by it. This could include investors, co-founders, board members, customers, suppliers, regulators, etc.

  2. Assign a power score to each stakeholder: Evaluate the level of control and influence each stakeholder has over decision-making related to your project. This could be based on factors such as their position within the organization, their financial investment, or their level of expertise.

  3. Assign an interest score to each stakeholder: Determine how invested each stakeholder is in your project. This could be based on their level of engagement, their level of risk exposure, or their potential gains or losses from the project's success or failure.

  4. Create your Stakeholder Matrix: Plot your stakeholders on a grid based on their power and interest scores. This will help you identify the key stakeholders who have the most influence and interest in your project, as well as those who may require more attention or communication.

By using this Stakeholder Analysis template, you can effectively manage your stakeholders and ensure that their needs and expectations are aligned with your project goals.

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