School t-shirt online order

School t-shirt online order

School t-shirt online order

Let's create team spirit with our newest and brightest school tees. Order a t-shirt for your child in a few steps.

Students, parents, and staff members can get custom-made t-shirts for their school using an easy-to-use school t-shirt order form template.

Our order form template has fields for specifying the required quantity and size of t-shirts as well as the student's general information. You can include a variety of field types, including dropdown menus, multiple-choice, single-choice, and even products.

You may quickly add your preferred payment gateway, which enables customers to safely make payments for their orders. Users can easily and conveniently finish their purchase by using this payment gateway, which can be connected to a variety of payment methods like Stripe or PayPal.

Learn how to connect your payment gateway to Formaloo.

Get the orders directly on your website by embedding your form. You can embed it as an iframe, script, or chatbot by simply copy-pasting the code.

Send custom emails to your students and include the order details right after submitting the form.

You can also organize your data in charts and tables or create your own custom sales pipeline to track your orders.

Who is it for?

- Students
- Parents
- Teachers

The features used in this template:

- Logic and calculation
- Multiple variables
- Answer piping

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