School Management App

School Management App

Welcome to the School Management App Template!

The School Management App Template provides tools for managing educational records. Teachers can use the app to record grades, track progress, and generate reports on student performance. That can help schools identify areas where students need extra support and ensure that all students are meeting academic standards.

Who is it for?

Administrators: Coordinate and keep an eye on all of the institution's activities.
Teachers: Record attendance, grade assignments, communicate with parents and students and create lesson plans.
Students: View their grades, attendance records, and schedules, and receive notifications from their teachers.
- Parents: Keep track of their child's academic performance, and attendance, and communicate with their child's teachers.

In the school management app, you can collect and store students' data, classify it in tables, and understand what's happening with their grades and attendance. It also includes teachers' data organized in tables and charts. You can easily customize the app in a few minutes. Read on to see how it works.

Pick this template and edit it based on your requirements. You can always edit the formaloos on your app folder as your business requirements change.

Here's the list of databases you'll see in your "School Management App" folder after picking this template:

  • Use the "School Management App" formaloo to manage app blocks like tables, charts, kanban boards, etc.
  • "Enrollment history" and "Enrollment insights" to collect your school's registrations and keep track of the students' info.
  • "Teachers Info" formaloo to keep track of teachers at your school.

For Quizzes & Grades:

  • A quiz example: "Geography Quiz" you can share with your students to fill. You can also categorize these quizzes with folders and have more control over what files and folders are shared with who.
  • "Grades" formaloo so the teachers can submit the students' final grades, and you can manage the submitted data.

Features used in this template: 

  • Advanced reports: table and charts
  • Email verification
  • Logic & Calculation

You are the school manager looking to automate administrative tasks, manage student attendance and academic records, communicate with parents, track resources and assets, and generate reports on school-related data.

You are in the right place!

This app is designed to be customized and flexible, allowing you to tailor it to your specific needs and conditions. Using this School Management App Template can help you enhance efficiency, reduce administrative burdens, and provide better support to students and families.

Here is how to create fun quizzes you can include in your school app and share with your students. 


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