School consultation form

School consultation form

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Collect details about a student's needs, issues, and concerns. The student's parent or legal guardian normally fills out the form, with input from the student if they are mature enough to do so.

This template includes the necessary information to help the student with different concerns. This way, you can give them the right assistance. 

Who is it for?

- School counselors
- School psychologists
- Social workers
- Teachers and administrators
- Parents
- Students

You can customize this template to your needs by adding more relevant questions, logos, or sections explaining the importance of mental health. You can also add more customization to your forms by adding custom CSS from the "Design" tab of your editor. 

This template includes some conditional logic that shows questions depending on the user's previous answers.

Features included in this template: 

- Conditional logic
- Custom CSS 

Send custom emails to the submitters once the form is submitted and get instant notifications to keep track of the help requests.

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