Reports & Suggestions

Reports & Suggestions

Feedback and bug report Widge

This widget is designed to help users report any issues or provide suggestions to improve the system.

By filling out this form, users can provide valuable feedback to improve the overall user experience.

Who is this template for?

This template can be used by any individual or organization that wants to collect feedback, bug reports, or suggestions from their users or customers.

It can be particularly useful for software development companies, website owners, or any business that provides a product or service where users may encounter issues or have ideas for improvements.

Features used in this template

  • Widget
  • Long text field
  • Single-choice question
  • Upload file field

You can add more fields like name, phone, city, or any other fields based on your needs.

Add answer piping to create interactive and personalized forms. Also can get notified and receive an email every time the form gets a new response.

Provide an application tracking code on your forms and send it to your users.

So why not give it a try and see the impact it can have on your team? Sign up for Formaloo today and start creating your own widget in minutes!

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