Procrastination test

Procrastination test

Procrastination self-assessment test

Does this sound all too familiar: deadlines are looming, nothing's been done, and you're on Netflix? but putting off work doesn't mean that you're lazy. Procrastination reveals our hidden anxieties and self-destructive habits.

Follow this form to find out what's stopping you from starting.

Scenario questions and self-evaluation questions make up this procrastination test. Answer each question in accordance with how you would act in the corresponding circumstances. Indicate how much each of the statements in the self-assessment questions applies to you.

Who is it for?

Anyone who is interested in psychology or even psychologists. It's a fun quiz that anyone can use. 

You can start with our template and customize it to your own. Add more relevant questions, include your logo and pictures, and make it white-labeled by adding your custom domain

The quiz has several logical conditions to show the right results to each user depending on their previous answers. You can also include multiple success pages. Each success page shows a specific result to a specific user to make the quiz more personalized. 

Features used in this template:

- Logic and calculation 
- Multi-step form
- Success pages

You can build an app out of your quiz by mixing and matching the form results. Add tables, charts, or boards to track your users' personalities and get useful insights. 

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