Personality quiz template

Personality quiz template

Are you ready to find out which personality type you are?

A genuine, personal technique to grow your email list and increase sales is by including entertaining personality quizzes on your website. Many companies, owners, and influencers use personality tests to turn website visitors and social media followers into customers without being intrusive.

It is also a great way to engage your customers and get them into your sales funnel using a fun way.

Use our personality quiz template to assess someone's personality features and traits. This test asks questions or makes statements to find out specific aspects of a person's personality.

Give your respondents their personality traits based on their previous answers. 

Who is it for?

In two ways, quizzes are personal: they ask about personal preferences and then present customized results based on the responses. Online tests are interactive by definition since they encourage user engagement. Because they are personal, they draw interest and encourage interaction.

Anyone can use a personality quiz template! You can use personality assessments for a variety of purposes, such as customer engagement, team building, entertainment, and market research.

Features used in this template: 

  • Logic and calculations
  • Answer piping
  • Section fields
  • Single-choice fields
  • Email field

Customize this template by adding your logo, pictures, and more relevant questions. You can use conditional logic and calculation to determine the personality of the users based on their answers.

Use multiple success pages or section fields for each personality type to show only relevant data for each respondent. 

Here is how to create a personality quiz.

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When you're ready to publish your form, you can add it to your website or your app as a chatbot. Just copy the code and paste it. 

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