Personal training consultation

Personal training consultation

Motivate your clients to achieve their fitness goals

Gym owners use a personal training consultation questionnaire to collect contact information and fitness objectives from prospective personal training clients. Gym owners can spend less time in person by gathering this information through an online personal training consultation questionnaire.

A thorough questionnaire gathered details on the respondents' names, addresses, and phone numbers, as well as their occupations, physical characteristics, medical history, and past use of prescription medications. The template includes package selections and terms and conditions to obtain clients' consent.

Who is it for?

- Personal trainers 
- Gym owners
- Fitness professionals

You can customize this questionnaire to fit your needs. Make it match your brand's colors and logos and add a custom domain to it.

You can import your data from Google Sheets and use the two-way sync option so when you update your forms in Formaloo you ensure all changes in the sheet are automatically reflected in your forms. 

Use Logic to make your registration more personalized by showing only relevant questions depending on the user's previous answers.

Features used in this template:

- Matrix 
- Section field

If you're a personal trainer, you can schedule meetings with your clients, keep track of their data, and more by using our Personal Training Consultation Questionnaire.

You won't ever again have to put up with a lot of calls! You can be sure that you'll have the information you need by completing our custom-designed Personal Training Consultation Questionnaire and that your clients will be motivated to achieve their fitness goals.

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