Personal Library App

Personal Library App

Welcome to the Personal Library App Template! ğŸ“š

Can you remember the books you read? If you're one of those people who have multiple lists on Amazon and Goodreads and want to have a coherent list of the ideas that books give you, the Formaloo Personal Library application is for you.

Make your own challenge to read more books on your list. Create an organized table where you list all your books. Add the synopsis, your rating, and some notes. 

Who is this template for?

Use this template to track all the books you've read or plan on reading. Keep track of your progress by creating charts and tables. 

Features used in this template

  • Upload field
  • CSAT field
  • Single-step form

This template includes two separate tables. One page is for "Read" and another for "To read". 

To make your reading challenge more fun, add a Kanban board with different stages such as, "Bought" "In progress", and "Done". 

This way, you can update the Kanban boards' cards each time you start a new book or finish another one. 

With your reading list and book collection in one place, it's easy to see when you're running low on new material and should make a trip to the bookstore. 

When your friend recommends a new book, submit it through the "New book" formaloo and it will be added to your list.

Share your collection with friends and family and give them access to share some book suggestions with you. 

Do you have an old book collection in Google Sheets and you don't want to lose it? You can import it to your formaloo or even set up a 2-way sync. The 2-way sync with Google Sheets will automatically update your spreadsheet every time you submit a new entry to your formaloo. 


  • Authors form
  • Books form 
  • Personal library app

We've preloaded this App with a couple of formaloo blocks to help you make the most out of your agency talents and projects. You can delete the data of each formaloo by opening its "Responses" tab.

There are different types of questions and fields on each form. You can customize them, embed them on your website or send their URL to the users to gather data from them.

Take your reading process to the next level, edit this app template, and start customizing it to your needs.

Check our guide to learn how to build a custom app without code

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