Flower ordering app

Flower ordering app

Welcome to the Flower Ordering App!

Surprise and delight someone with a beautiful bouquet of flowers!

With this app, your customers can order your products and pay for them online

Also, include more information about your shop with beautiful photos and a contact page to let your customers ask their questions.

Who is this template for?

This template is for businesses or individuals who want to create an online ordering system for their products or services.

The template can be customized to fit the specific needs of the business, including adding products, pricing, and shipping options. The app can also include features such as customer registration, order history, and payment processing.

Create your payment method and connect it to the Bouquet Shop formaloo.

Customize your app and share it with your customers right away!

Edit this section and put more info about your shop!

You can also add surveys to gather customer feedback, conduct market research, improve product development, and enhance customer engagement with interactive forms and surveys.


This template has 2 menus:

  • Contact the shop: This menu, is the contact form to send any comment or suggestion to the shop.
  • Bouquet shop: This menu is the online order form. Users can select and order items based on the product details and redirect to the payment gateway to pay online.

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