Online interview

Online interview

Make interviews a less stressful task for your HR team and your applicants!

An online interview form template is a digital form created to streamline the process of conducting interviews remotely. The form typically includes fields for the candidate's personal information, work experience, education, and skills.

It may also include questions tailored to the specific job position or company culture. The form can be sent to the candidate prior to the interview to gather the necessary information and streamline the interview process.

With an online interview form, employers can easily collect and organize candidate information, make informed hiring decisions, and save time and resources by conducting interviews remotely.

Who is it for?

- Recruiters
- HR teams
- Applicants and candidates

Customize this template by adding your own logo, custom domain, pictures, and colors. Add custom emails to match your brand's look and feel. 

Get notified and receive an email every time the form gets a new response.

You can include conditional logic and answer piping to make your remote interview more personalized. Show and hide questions depending on the applicants' previous answers 

You can set up custom validation rules and logic to ensure that data is entered correctly and that orders are handled appropriately.

Features used in this template: 

- Multi-step form
- Long text fields
- Section fields

Create an app out of your form to track all your data. You can get instant reports with different views such as tables, charts, galleries, and boards. 

How to create advanced charts.

With Kanban boards, you can track the status of your interviews and organize your applicants' data in one place for better decision-making. 

You can also collaborate with your team and manage their access to the form and reports based on their specific roles. 

Automate your hiring process by integrating your favorite tools with Formaloo. You can, for example, send follow-up emails to your candidates using Formaloo and Zapier. 


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