Online bulletin board

Online bulletin board

Introducing our school hub app template!

The bulletin board app template is designed to share updates, photos, and videos of all the campus events. We made it easy for you to build a school community where everyone contributes to staying connected and up-to-date.

What is a school news hub?

Schools use Formaloo's bulletin board app to keep everyone on campus updated with the latest news. When you have a single source of truth in Formaloo, you can keep everyone aligned and working as one team. 

In this template, you will see the reference formaloos and pages we used.

To make it more personalized you can switch it to a membership-only portal and make it exclusive to your campus, 

Who is it for?

- Students
- Parents
- Teachers
- Administrators 

What does our bulletin board contain?

Daily news table: This is to display all the news and updates from around the campus to keep everyone informed. 

"Submit news" formaloo: Here is an open form where the school community can submit their latest news and share it with the rest of the campus. This way, you can also ensure that every member has a voice and can contribute to the school's news hub.

Kanban board: This is how the administrators filter the submitted news and categorize them. With this board, you can organize your news and updates by status. This Kanban board is admin-only, meaning only authorized individuals have access to it. 

Customize this template to your own needs and use it to communicate better with your school community. Here is a guide to how we created this bulletin board app, along with this template.

The features used in this template:

- Kanban board
- Gallery view


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