Online art exam

Online art exam

A quick test to show your knowledge of art!

Create your own online art test and customize it to your own!
Searching for a quick and simple approach to make interesting online quizzes that captivate your users' attention and enable you to collect insightful data? 

Use our customizable online art exam quiz template without any further ado!

This template is ideal for developing quizzes that test your students' knowledge and offer a fun and interactive approach to study because of its sleek and modern design.

Our template makes it simple to get started if you want to develop an online course and make learning more enjoyable.

Who is it for?

- Teachers
- Trainers
- Students
- Art enthusiasts
- Museum educators 

Single-choice, true/false, and open-ended questions are among the different question categories that are included in the template. You can also add your own logo and colors to the quiz.

We also included simple conditional logic that calculates the students' scores automatically based on their answers. 

All you need to do is to create conditions that add a certain number to the "Score" once the question is answered correctly. You can customize the logic and calculations to your needs from the "Logic" tab. 

Add a success message that shows the student's score immediately after finishing the exam. Use answer piping to display the calculated score. 

Give your respondents the correct answers and explanations after they submit the form using an answer sheet.

Our online exam quiz template is not only simple to use and incredibly customizable, but it is also mobile-friendly, guaranteeing that your students may take the quiz on any device.

The features used in this template:

- Success messages
- Logic and calculations
- Multiple variables
- Answer piping
- Answer sheet

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