Math Quiz Template

Math Quiz Template

Ready to take a short math quiz?

Assess your student's knowledge with this engaging math quiz template!

Create questions that are specific to your curriculum and build up the right responses using conditional logic. Formaloo securely stores all submissions after they have been automatically assessed and can be accessed with any device.

Who is it for?

- Teachers
- Students
- Math trivia enthusiasts 

With our drag-and-drop Form Builder, you can simply customize this Math Quiz template to match your school and classroom look and feel. To make your quiz more engaging, add your logo, include fillable tables, upload images, and tweak color schemes.

Add conditional logic to show the student if they answered correctly or not. To avoid cheating, enable the "Shuffle" option on the questions you ask and make sure each student answers the quiz only once.

Here is how to prevent duplicate submissions.

Features used in this template:

- Multi-step form 
- Logic 

To collect useful insights after the quiz, create custom charts using students' responses and track their progress in real-time. You can create an app with all the quizzes and make the charts and tables admin-only. 

Also, thanks to various integrations, you can quickly transmit test results to other accounts you already have, including Google Sheets and Google Drive.

How to two-way sync your form with Google Sheets.

With our free online math quiz template, you can spend more time helping your students learn and less time grading.

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