Area calculator app

Area calculator app

Area calculator app template

This app template provides an area calculator for different shapes. It includes Logic, variables, and calculation to give the right answer automatically, based on the users' input. 

Who is it for? 

A calculator app is accessible to anyone who needs to make calculations. This covers anyone who needs to make mathematical calculations in their day-to-day activities or line of work, such as students, teachers, engineers, scientists, and accountants. 

Our area calculator template includes five formaloos. Each formaloo is designed to calculate the area of a particular shape. 

For example, the "circle area" formaloo calculates the circle area based on the formula and the radius "variable" entered by the user. 

All these formaloos have logic and calculation set up with multiple variables and different formulas. Each formaloo is designed to show the formula with the entered variables. We used the "answer piping" feature to display the numbers the user entered in the formula. 

The forms and the app are highly customizable. Add more formaloos to calculate more shape areas, change the colors, backgrounds, and more. 

You can also add more pages or menus to view the calculation results in charts and tables.

You can share this app with your team or colleagues and give them access to the results.

Here is a tutorial that helps you use the logic and calculation features.

Features used in this template: 

  • Logic & Calculation
  • Variables 
  • Answer piping

Try this template and learn how to pass field values to another field using answer piping.


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