Legal case tracking and billing

Legal case tracking and billing

Welcome to the Legal case tracking and billing app!

Stay on top of your cases, clients, and billing no matter what's thrown at you.

Who is this template for?

This app is used by legal entities to keep track of their cases and billing.

Create a table to list all your clients and keep track of your legal cases progress. 

This legal case tracking and billing app includes different tables, charts, and boards to manage the cases and the billing. 

Features used in this template

  • Use the "Case status" Kanban board to track your case's progress. Walk your cards through the workflow and update the case status from "Hearing" to "Disposition". 
  • Use the "Contracts" table to organize your signed contracts with your clients. 
  • Use the "Staff gallery" to access your staff information easily. 
  • Use the "Billing" table to keep track of each member's invoice. The bills are calculated automatically based on the working hours and the staff billing rate. 

In our template, we also included a "Contract form" that you can send to your clients or embed on your website. The contract shall be signed by both parties upon agreeing on the case. 

You can also keep your client updated by sending custom emails after signing the contract.

Edit this template to get all the formaloos in your dashboard and start customizing it to your needs. 


  • Contacts form
  • Staff form
  • Cases form
  • Contract form
  • Billing form
  • Legal case tracking and billing app

Edit and customize these modules, from sleek and modern designs to classic and timeless layouts.

There are different types of questions and fields on each form. You can customize them, embed them on your website or send their URL to the users to gather data from them.


This App is Free