Startup pitch (educational material)

Startup pitch (educational material)

Take the first step into validation of your startup idea using this Lean Canvas template

A Lean Canvas Template is a tool designed to help entrepreneurs and startups create a lean business plan that outlines the key elements of their business idea.

The Lean Canvas Template is based on the Lean Startup methodology, which emphasizes creating a flexible and adaptable business plan that can evolve over time based on customer feedback and market changes.

The Lean Canvas Template typically includes sections for defining the company's value proposition, target customer segments, key metrics, and channels for reaching customers.

It also includes sections for identifying key partners, resources, and activities needed to deliver the product or service, as well as potential revenue streams and cost structure.

Our template has also an educational purpose which is why we included many section fields to explain the process and give examples of successful businesses. 

Who is it for?

- Startups
- Entrepreneurs
- Business students
- Incubators and accelerators

Starting with this template, you can change it to suit your requirements. To make it more interactive, include more sections that are pertinent to your audience and develop quick tests and surveys. You can also include conditional logic and calculate the users' scores after submitting the quizzes. 

To guarantee that the app is consistent with your corporate identity, you can brand it with your company's domain, logo, colors, and fonts.

Features used in this template

- Multi-step form
- Section fields
- Long text fields 
- upload file field

You can turn this template into an educational app and add more courses to it. You can also share quizzes and surveys with your users to gather feedback or to check their progress. 

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