Golf leaderboard Template

Golf leaderboard Template

Welcome to the Golf leaderboard template!

A golf leaderboard template is an App template used to keep track of golf scores. Whether managing a professional tournament or golfing with your buddies, enjoy a more efficient way to track and store golf scores with this Golf Leaderboard Template from Formaloo! No paper forms are required — simply enter golf score details into the attached form to auto-populate the table.

Our template includes a formaloo to add the scores of each player during the tournament. 

Features used in this template

  • Upload field
  • lookup field
  • Variables and formulas 
  • Logic and calculation
  • Answer piping

The form automatically calculates the score based on your strokes and handicaps. 

Check our guide for answer piping and learn more about how to use logic and calculation


  • Players form
  • Scores form
  • Golf leaderboard app

Collect data from players, and make a Kanban board or a table to show your data. Share it with your team. Gather data using logic and calculation and manage them in your app.

Feel free to update the design by adding new forms, or updating rows and columns. You can also switch between spreadsheet, card, search, and filter information with data management features. All information in your Golf Leaderboard is securely stored in your Formaloo account and ready to access on any device.


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