Favorite movies app

Favorite movies app

Keep track of your favorite movies! ğŸŽ¥

Are you a cinephile, and you want to organize your favorite movies? Then you are in the right place. 

This favorite movie tracking app template is ideal for movie enthusiasts who watched hundreds of movies, have a list of favorites, and want to keep updating it. 

You can be organized even when it comes to your hobbies and interests. We built this template as a reference, so you can check what features you can use and how you can customize it

  • List all your favorite movies in one safe place. Edit this list each time you have an update. Add actors' and directors' data in different tables. 
  • Add your personal rating and notes to each movie.
  • Track your movies based on their genre, director, or personal rating. 
  • Visualize all this information in one secure place. Use charts, tables, and galleries to make it more readable. 

Features used in this template

  • Kanban board
  • File upload field
  • CSAT field

You can add a Kanban board in this template to list which movies you watched and which are on the waiting list. You can move the cards of the Kanban board through the workflow and filter the data as needed. 

Share your suggestions with your friends and family by sharing this app. Give them access to a form where they can give suggestions for movies you can watch later. 


  • Directors form
  • Actors form
  • Movies form
  • Favorite movies app

There are different types of questions and fields on each form. You can customize them, embed them on your website or send their URL to the users to gather data from them.

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