Event Planning & Budgeting

Event Planning & Budgeting

Introducing the event planning & budgeting app 

Event planning and budgeting are complex - between many events, things can get messy. Yet, we created an easy solution to organize and classify each event with its budget. It is all in this app template that you can customize for yourself. 

With this template, you can assign event-related tasks to your team members. Track your expenses using advanced and visually appealing charts and tables. Manage your budget for each event you plan for and organize all your expenses in Kanban boards. 

What is this event budget tracker app for?

Event planners use our app to track multiple events and budgets simultaneously without losing any records.

In this reference template, we included some pre-built menus and blocks to give you some ideas. 

Here's a list of the formaloos created on your dashboard for this app:

  • "Event planning & budgeting" formaloo so you can manage your app menus and blocks.
  • "Vendors" formaloo to keep a record of all your vendors.
  • "Expenses" formaloo to track all expenses you or your team members make.
  • "Events" formaloo so that you can record all the events for which you're keeping a budget.
  • "Budgets" formaloo to track the general budgeting info for each event.

Benefits of tracking your events budget and expenses with our template

The are many organizational benefits to using such an intuitive and user-friendly app. 

While you can also integrate with all your existing tools, here is what else you can do: 

  • Give access and assign tasks to specific team members.
  • Include all your budgets and expenses. 
  • Track all your events and organize them based on your own categories. You can use Kanban boards for your "expenses by status" for example, that you can update.
  • Visualize your data and get instant reports in charts and tables. 
  • Add a custom event application form and share it with your audience while keeping track of your attendance data.

And the good news is: you can collect event fees directly from your application. No need to jump from one tool to another, just add your own gateway to your form and sell your tickets. 

We've preloaded the app with a few formaloo blocks to help you get started quickly. Open the "Responses" tab and delete the data as needed.

This App is Free