Esthetician appointment app

Esthetician appointment app

Welcome to the esthetician appointment App!

This ready-to-customize app shares multiple forms in one place, so your clients can register and schedule appointments. Estheticians and clinics use this app to capture information about the client's needs and preferences in terms of cosmetic or skin treatment.

You can easily customize this app by editing the pages and forms. Share it with your clients and they'll be able to contact you on any device, anywhere. Switch it to a membership-only portal with a simple login/signup feature

Who is it for?

- Esthetician
- Esthetic institutions
- Skincare institutions

Our esthetician appointment app template includes two separate menus: 

The services

  • In this app menu, we included a quiz for patients to discover their skincare routine based on their skin condition. The quiz includes logic and calculation, multiple variables, and formulas. This way it gives a personalized result for each patient, based on their previous answers. 
  • An appointment booking form: Book your appointment at your convenience. Submit the treatments you are interested in, your product preferences, and any allergies or skin conditions.  

Features used in this template:

- Logic and calculation
- Product field
- Date and time fields 

The Skincare Clinic: It includes a page for the clinic description where you can share your visions, photos, and more!

And finally, a contact us form to get in touch with the clinic. 

Edit this template and make it your own. Customize it to match your brand's look and feel.

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