Employee Training Management

Employee Training Management

Employee Training Management App

Employee Training Management App assures and documents the actual training of all employees for regulated or ISO-compliant companies as training literally makes a company bloom and survive.

Organize training content, visualize upcoming sessions on a board, and easily understand training satisfaction. Everything in Formaloo is customizable, so you can add or remove any form or field.

Who is it for?

- HR agencies
- Companies and startups
- Talent agencies
- Employees
- Trainers

  • Use Filters & Sorts and Hide columns to share only a portion of the training data with employees or stakeholders.
  • Use Group to see each team's employees in the By team view in the Employees table.
  • Use forms to register employees or collect course feedback. You can customize them by adding a cover image and logo.
  • Use Tables, Charts, and Boards to build insightful and understandable views of your data.

Here's how you can use this app:

  • Use the "Employee Training Management" formaloo to manage your app blocks like tables, charts, etc.
  • Use the "Training" formaloo to organize course content, including decks, workbooks, and course details.
  • Use the "Schedule" formaloo to stay on top of the training schedules and assign facilitators.
  • Use the "Registrations" formaloo to record training attendance.
  • Use the "Feedback" formaloo to collect course feedback using a powerful survey form.
  • Use the "Employees" formaloo to track relevant employee information.

Switch this app to a membership-only portal to manage the access levels. You only have to enable the "Portal mode" from your "App settings".

Features used in this template:

- Boards
- Filtered tables
- Single-step form

We've preloaded this App with a couple of formaloo blocks to help you make the most out of your agency talents and projects. You can delete the data of each formaloo by opening its "Responses" tab.

This App is Free


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