Employee of the month voting

Employee of the month voting

Celebrate your employee's efforts

The "Employee of the month" voting template is designed to streamline the recognition process within your organization. This template allows you to collect meaningful insights, such as reasons for nomination and specific achievements, fostering a culture of appreciation and motivation.

Who is this template for?

This template is perfect for businesses and organizations of all sizes looking to boost employee morale and engagement through a structured and fair voting system. It's ideal for HR departments, team managers, and anyone involved in employee recognition programs.

Features used in this template

  • Multi-step form: Simplifies the voting process with a clean, user-friendly interface;
  • Text field: Allows voters to provide their name;
  • Dropdown field: To choose from candidates;
  • Long text field: To clarify reasons for voting for a particular teammate.

Additional benefits

  • Instant notifications: By tuning on "Receive Email notifications", you can get email alerts for every new application submission to stay on top of your recruitment pipeline.
  • Design customization: Use the design tab to match the form’s appearance with your company’s branding, including fonts, colors, logos, and text.
  • Data view options: Charts view helps see who's the most voted-for candidate, making it easier to spot the winner;
  • Answer piping: Personalize the candidate experience by tailoring questions based on previous answers.
  • Share & embed options: Choose from iframes, scripts, widgets, or a simple form URL to seamlessly integrate the application form into your site.

Elevate your employee recognition efforts and create a positive work environment with the Employee of the Month Voting.

Add it to your recognition program today!

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