Employee of the month voting

Employee of the month voting

Time to find the best employee of this month!

Businesses or organizations can use an Employee of the Month Voting Form to allow staff employees to vote for coworkers who have excelled in performance or made noteworthy contributions to the company.

The vote may also include particular qualities that voters should consider when selecting the employee of the month, such as productivity, teamwork, customer service, leadership, or innovation.

Who is it for?

- Managers and HR personnel
- Small, medium, or large-sized companies
- Organizations looking to recognize and reward exceptional employee performance
- Employers who want to increase employee engagement
- Companies seeking to promote a positive and competitive work environment

You can use this template and customize it to your needs. Add your own logo, colors, and backgrounds to match your company's look and feel. 

Add different question types and use our logic to make your form more personalized. You can show and hide questions depending on the respondent's previous answers. 

Ensure consistent data through all your spreadsheets by syncing your form with Google Sheets. That helps you automatically update data in real-time in two systems – your form and your sheet –.

Features used in this template:

- Long text field
- Groups field
- Multi-step form

Send custom emails to your employees and get notified once you get a new response. 

Get all your data gathered in tables, charts, and boards. You can create custom web apps out of your forms and check which employee got the most votes.

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