Dentist appointment app

Dentist appointment app

Welcome to the dentist app!

This patient management app is used by dental practitioners to gather patient information.

With this app, your practice can collect patient dental history, and consent forms with e-signatures, and schedule appointments from any device.

Who is it for?

- Dentists
- Dental clinics
- Nurses

Our template includes: 

  • The dental clinic page: Here you can add a description of your clinic, images, and visions. 
  • Appointment scheduling form: Let your patients book an appointment at their convenience. No need for calling or waiting on hold.
  • Dental treatment consent: The patient should sign it before any treatment to approve his agreement.
  • Contact Us page: This is a form to get in touch with the clinic directly from the app. 

Features used in this template:

- Table view
- Signature field
- Date and time field 

Start editing this template to make it your own. Add more pages and menus, add treatment planning tables, and customize the look of your forms. 

Build your own patient portal, simply, by switching this app to portal mode and adding a login/signup feature. This way, you can add content, and directories and stay in touch with your patients. 

All data is stored securely, with an additional option for HIPAA compliance and a signed Business Associate Agreement (BAA). For more info in this regard, contact us.


This App is Free