Customer satisfaction survey (CSAT)

Customer satisfaction survey (CSAT)

Measure your audience's satisfaction

The customer satisfaction survey is a versatile tool that allows you to gather valuable feedback about your products, services, or overall customer experience.

This pre-designed survey includes a mix of question types, from multiple-choice and Likert scales to open-ended questions, to provide a comprehensive understanding of customer sentiment.

Who is it for?

This template is ideal for any business or organization looking to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

It's perfect for gathering feedback after a purchase, website visit, interaction with customer service, or at any point in the customer journey.

Features used in this template

  • Score field
  • Long text field
  • CSAT field

Personalize the flow with answer piping, where questions adapt based on previous answers.

Focus on relevance with conditional logic, showing only relevant questions to each user.

The "Design" tab unlocks a world of customization options. Modify fonts, and colors, add background images, your logo, and personalize buttons and message text to match your brand.

Stay informed & connect with customers. Receive instant notifications for every new response. Send custom emails to follow up with users after they submit the survey.

Additional tips

  • Briefly mention the variety of question types included in the template and the option to customize them further.
  • Highlight the ability to segment your survey data based on demographics or other criteria for more targeted analysis.
  • Mention integrations with marketing automation tools for easy distribution and feedback analysis.

Gain actionable insights to improve your customer experience with the customer satisfaction survey template. Add it to your website today!

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