Customer effort score survey

Customer effort score survey

Gauge customer effort with this customizable Customer Effort Score (CES) survey template

Product managers, customer experience (CX) professionals, and business leaders can leverage Formaloo's customizable customer effort score (CES) survey template to measure user experience (UX) friction and identify areas for improvement. This easy-to-use template allows you to tailor the question to a specific task and gather valuable feedback to optimize your product or service.

Gain actionable insights & enhance user experience:

  • Targeted single question: Ask a clear and concise question about the ease of completing a specific task.
  • Effort rating scale: Utilize a standardized effort rating scale for easy comprehension and CES calculation.
  • Visualize feedback: Analyze responses with automatically generated charts to identify trends and areas of user difficulty.
  • Data-driven decisions: Use the insights to prioritize product development efforts, improve user onboarding, and enhance overall user experience.

This customer effort score survey template empowers data-driven decision-making to identify and eliminate UX friction, improve customer satisfaction, and drive product adoption.

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