Custom learning app

Custom learning app

Welcome to our custom learning app! 

Are you looking for a marketing and SEO strategies course? Are you a mentor or a teacher that wants to create a custom learning app? Our digital marketing course app template is your best solution!

This template is an online lecture with different lessons on separate pages. 

Check out this tutorial to see the step-by-step guide for how to add lessons to your custom learning app without code

Each lesson includes section fields with valuable information about digital marketing strategies.

To make this online course more interactive, we added short quizzes between the section fields to test the students' understanding during the lecture. 

By the end of the lecture, a CSAT field was added to gather students' feedback. That can help the teachers improve their lessons and track their students' progress. 

Who is it for?

- Startups and Business owners
- Marketing professionals
- Students
- Freelancers

Why our learning app?

Learning apps should be fun and interactive to make an impact. The goal is also, not only to share the information but to track students' progress and improve the courses. 

Formaloo's custom learning app is scalable and highly customizable. It offers all the essential features in one place. You can create tables and charts to show the quiz results. 

You can also make your assessments more personalized using conditional logic and calculations

You can also add answer sheets so the students can see their scores after submitting the assessment. 

Read this tutorial to learn how you can create quizzes with answer sheets that you can add to your learning app. 

Features used in this template:

- Conditional Logic 
- Success messages

Some tips to get started with our learning app template

  • First, make it your own by editing the template. All the formaloo's included in this template will be copied to your dashboard. 
  • This app is highly customizable. Add more lessons, embed videos, and include more quizzes to make it fun. 
  • To avoid cheating, you can shuffle the questions and the choices from the "Design" tab on the form editor. 
  • Switch your custom app to a portal in a few steps. Add a simple login/sign-up and give access to your students too. 

Check how you can add the login / sign-up in your app

Try it today and customize it for yourself. 

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