Your CRM

Your CRM

Welcome to the customizable no-code CRM app!

This app helps you manage your customer relationships more efficiently and effectively.
Whether you're a small business owner or a busy salesperson, this CRM can help you:

  • Keep track of your customer interactions
  • Organize your leads and contacts
  • Streamline your sales processes

Who is it for? 

- Business owners
- Entrepreneurs
- Team leaders
- Freelancers

This app has two main menus, one to show the data in tables and Kanban boards and one to show the advanced charts that give you extra insights into your deals and how they improve.
Use this CRM template and customize it for your business requirements easily. You will have a copy in your dashboard when you edit this template.

Features used in this template: 

- Charts
- Tables
- Kanban boards

This CRM was built without coding, and you can easily customize it.

1. Start with editing the formaloo and adding the fields you want to collect from your customer.
2. Edit the app and customize the views. For example, add fields or new pages that display your CRM deals data.
You can also add more formaloos and use the Lookup field to look up the data of another formaloo in your deals table.
This template is easy-to-use, leaving you room for maximum customizations. It provides customizable features, and you can tailor the app to your unique business needs. So customize it now and start seeing results in no time!


This App is Free