Class Management App

Class Management App

Simplify your class management with this app template!

Manage your classroom efficiently with our class management app template. 

What is a class management app for?

While anyone can use our class management template and customize it, it is perfect for teachers and educators. 

It's an ideal solution to share learning materials, track students' attendance and scores, and manage their grades. 

Why our classroom management app?

Our template is easy to customize to your own needs. Start by editing the app template to make it your own. This way, you can copy all the formaloos in your dashboard. 

Check out this tutorial to see the step-by-step guide to how to create this class management app.

When managing your classroom online, you must ensure it is a safe space that keeps your data private and secure. That is why Formaloo provides a login/ sign-up feature to switch your app to a membership-only portal.

Our class management template includes different menus with different access levels: 

  • Students: This menu has a formaloo where students can submit their assignments. The second page includes a table view of the student's scores. This way, teachers can track students' progress on a custom bulletin board.
  • Teachers: This menu is for the teachers. It includes a table view of all the submitted assignments. They also have a formaloo where they can submit the students' scores to keep the records.
  • Manager: This is a menu to keep the teachers' and students' records. It shows these data in tables and Kanban boards.

Give it a try today and see the difference it can make in your classroom! Whether you are a teacher looking to simplify your courses or a student looking for a more organized way to keep track of your assignments and scores, our class management app template is your perfect solution.


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