Christmas story contest

Christmas story contest

Santa is Coming to Town!

Tell him your story and get a chance to win an iPad!

A Christmas story contest form template is a form that can be customized and used by businesses or individuals to gather story submissions for a writing contest with a Christmas theme.

The author's name, contact information, and the narrative itself can all be entered into separate fields in this template. The template may also have sections for the story's title and abstract. Following submission, the stories will be read by judges who will decide on the winners based on a number of factors, including originality, creativity, and adherence to the Christmas theme. 

Who is it for?

The Christmas story contest form template is suitable for organizations, schools, writing groups, or individuals who want to hold a Christmas-themed writing competition and collect story submissions in a structured and organized

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Features used in this template:

- Multi-step form
- Email field
- Long text field

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