BMI calculator template

BMI calculator template

What's your BMI?

An individual's body mass index, which calculates body fat based on height and weight, is determined using a sample BMI test form. The name, age, gender, height, and weight of the person are often entered into separate fields on the form.

Then, the BMI is determined by multiplying the weight by 703 and dividing it by the height square, or by dividing the weight by the height square.

The calculated score is used to establish the BMI category, which might be underweight, normal weight, overweight, or obese. Information on the health hazards connected to each BMI group may also be included on the form. The BMI test form is a helpful instrument for determining a person's weight status and general health.

Who is it for?

The BMI test form template is designed for anyone who wants to measure their body mass index, including:

- Healthcare professionals
- Fitness trainers & gym
- Individuals who want to assess their weight status and overall health

Our BMI test template automatically calculates the body mass index based on the input of the user on the height and weight fields. It includes multiple variables and a formula to give you the results in real time.

It also uses conditional logic and shows different success pages depending on the test result. 

You can easily customize this BMI calculator template and make it your own. Add your logos, pictures, and brand colors. Add a custom domain and send custom emails to your form submitters. 

Features used in this template:

- Conditional logic & calculation 
- Multiple variables & formulas
- Multiple success messages
- Answer piping

You can build an app out of your form by adding tables and charts to track your users' BMI. You can also use advanced charts to compare different sets of data. 

Learn more about how to create a BMI test with logic and calculations

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