Agency talent management app

Agency talent management app

Manage your talents and automate your HR processes 

Whether you are trying to manage the talent for a single project, a whole region, or across an entire agency, this template allows you to identify available resources based on role, skill(s), location, and current availability. This template is perfect for project managers to run seamless projects and give leadership visibility into all the projects your teams are working on.

Who is it for?

- Talent agencies
- HR agencies
- Business and companies

  • Use the "Agency Talent Management App" formaloo to manage your app blocks like tables, charts, etc.
  • Use the "Talents" formaloo to view when and where resources are available as new projects come in as well as update skills as your employees and freelancers develop.
  • Use the "Clients" formaloo to keep track of relevant details (Location, Industry, Employees) for both existing and prospective clients.
  • Use the "Industries" formaloo to manage the table of industries, and add or remove the industries.
  • Use the "Projects status" formaloo to stay on top of specific projects as they move from proposal to negotiation to completion.

Features used in this template:

- Redirection
- Tables
- Charts
- Single-step form 

We've preloaded this App with a couple of formaloo blocks to help you make the most out of your agency talents and projects. You can delete the data of each formaloo by opening its "Responses" tab.

This App is Free


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